About Rebozo Care

What is a Rebozo?

A rather large and long flat woven garment, worn mostly by women in Mexico and Guatemala. A symbol that commands respect within Central America. Worn as a shawl and other decorative ways, as a headpiece to carry baskets of items, used to carry babies, food etc. Mexican midwives used the Rebozo to massage and support their pregnant and birthing clients. 'Manteada', a massage technique where the woman is rocked and shimmied in the hammock of the shawl to help ease aching back and to encourage the baby into a good position.  The word rebozo is derived from a Spanish word meaning to envelop one’s self.  

Here Gena Kirby explains 

Find out more about the Rebozo, and how I came to connect with it's wisdom below. 


What is Rebozo Care?


"Rebozo Care" is a term that I created in my support of Prenatal Yoga and Doula families, and introduction of Rebozo use. There are so many ways that a Rebozo can be used to connect pregnant partners, help alleviate pregnancy symptoms, prepare and support birthing!

The partner will be guided on how to support mom with the Rebozo Care techniques. Mom will become familiar with the Rebozo and how to use it for self comfort.  Each Rebozo Care visit ends with breath awareness, guided relaxation, and massage. Each family will be able to choose their own Rebozo as a part of the service, with additional cost. I will remain available for additional questions by email or phone.  

  • 2 Hour Personalized Rebozo Care Visit = $50

  • Lohee Rebozo for $55 or Mexican Rebozo for $65


A personalized Rebozo Care offering is a great addition to any pregnancy wellness and birthing classes! Your Rebozo can also be used as a heat or cold pack holder, babywearing, breastfeeding shawl, parenting support, clothing attire, etc.


My Journey to Rebozo LOVE

In 2013, I came across the word 'Rebozo' while exploring the web for different pregnancy information.  I was drawn to it's origin and history, and utilization as a loving tool for chilbearing and childrearing.  I explored and learned all that I could on my own, and began to implement some of the concepts into Prenatal Yoga offerings, and as a Doula.  First using a woven woman's swim wrap, than a couple short Mexican mass made Rebozos, and later a Lohee Rebozo.  I still use my Lohee Rebozos because they are nice against the skin, soft colors, and made from hypoallergenic Bamboo.  

In 2014, I trained with Stephanie Larson of Dancing For Birth. I was drawn to her training because of the dancing and Rebozo

Early in 2015, I became Rebozo Certified.  Completing the on-line class, "Let the Partner Do It!" , by Gena Kirby, was inspiring in so many ways.  Gena's heart connection to the ancient wisdom of the Rebozo spoke to me deeply!  NOW Rebozo was truly more than a long woven fabrique, used long ago, and brought forward!  Rebozo is an extention of heart, body & spirit! A way to connect couples, nurture the pregnant body, and embrace birth.  Having the desire to learn from Gena in person, I looked to see when she would be close to Wichita.  Learning she was doing a training within a few hours away, in Missouri, I asked for her to come here.  Within 3 weeks, Sunshine Family Yoga was hosting Gena Kirby and her entry level Rebozo Workshop!  Now many others understand what I have been talking about!  I have completed my training to Certified Rebozo Novice.  In addition to Prenatal Yoga and Doula support, I share Rebozo wisdom through personalized Rebozo Care and Bump to Birth Comfort Techniques Class.  

It was at Gena's workshop that I purchased my first two "traditional" woven Rebozos. Honoring those that continue the traditional craftsmanship, and not mass made recreations or sweat shop produced.

See the love and family tradition associated with creating Rebozos