Prenatal Yoga, On-going

Facilitator: Sheryl Haynes


Prenatal Yoga with Sheryl, Tuesday and Thursday, 5:45-7:15 pm. All Trimesters

$60 for 5 classes - must be used within 3 months

$100 for 10 classes - must be used within 6 months

$15 drop in

Prenatal Yoga Flow with Whitney.

No longer offered. Please check back later.

$50 for 5 classes - must be used within 3 months

$80 for 10 classes - must be used withing 6 months

$12 drop in


Note prenatal or prenatal flow. Cash or check payment option at class.

Prenatal Yoga

A combination of Hatha Yoga (holding and breathing in poses) and Gentle/Restorative Yoga (utilizing bolsters, wall, blankets, etc.). Perfect for those that are pregnant and new to yoga.

During Prenatal Yoga you will learn how to use breathing techniques and yoga poses to nurture your pregnant body, connect with your baby, and prepare for birth and mothering. The classes create flexibility, focus, strength, and awareness through a practice that is designed especially for the pregnant woman's needs.  A safe space to share and connect with other pregnant mommies and build your tribe. Many reconnect by attending our Yoga Baby & Mommy and/or Baby Itsy Bitsy Yoga classes.

Sheryl (Sunshine) has been supporting childbearing families since 1990.  She is a Certified Pre/Postnatal Yoga Facilitator, training with Leslie Lytle of OmMama, LLC, 2008.  She weaves her Childbirth Educator and Doula experience, Rebozo Care, Dancing For Birth, and Spinning Babies training to offer a unique prenatal yoga experience.  Prenatal Yoga classes offer a safe and supportive environment to connect with other mothers-to-be.  Appropriate for both new and experienced yoga students. Expectant moms are encouraged to visit with their doctor/midwife before starting this class.

Prenatal Yoga Flow

Prenatal Yoga Flow is designed for a woman to safely experience vinyasa yoga during her pregnancy. The community-focused class allows women to feel emotionally supported while emphasizing breathing throughout the poses and keeping the body healthy during pregnancy and birth.

Whitney Sandoval lived and received her YTT-200 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. While there she furthered her training in prenatal yoga and yin yoga. Whitney taught vinyasa flow, prenatal yoga, and mom and me yoga for a few years before moving to Wichita. She is excited to be a part of the community at Sunshine Family Yoga providing options and resources for women throughout many stages of life. When she’s not spending time with her husband and two toddlers, Whitney enjoys teaching her visually impaired students travel skills, running, and drinking copious amounts of coffee. 


15 reasons to do yoga in pregnancy

Many of us know that it is important to be active in pregnancy—it’s good for mom and it’s good for baby.  Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise for mamas-to-be.

In a nutshell:

Physically, yoga helps make muscles more supple, increases joint mobility, and improves posture, all crucial given the colossal changes that happen to the body in pregnancy. With improved posture comes better breathing and circulation.

Yoga and labor have many things in common, which makes yoga excellent practice for labor.  Yoga has many psycho-spiritual benefits, which can help a woman navigate the tremendous transformations of pregnancy and motherhood.  Being in a yoga class also offers community, which can be just as important as the actual practice of yoga.  Here are 15 specific reasons to do yoga in pregnancy.

Ways That Yoga Helps In Pregnancy:

  1. Helps you carry your baby optimally.

  2. Helps to prevent backache

  3. Facilitates unrestricted breathing, resulting in good blood oxygenation for mom and baby

  4. Helps mom discover movements that alleviate pregnancy discomforts such as heartburn, leg cramps, or headaches.

  5. Better blood circulation, lowering risk of problems such as varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and fluid retention

  6. Helps combat fatigue

  7. Physical pain can be diminished through regular practice

  8. Increased self awareness and awareness of baby.  Becoming more body aware and aware of your baby and its energy can help you foster a bond with baby even before birth.

  9. Many yoga poses also happen to be ideal birthing positions, practicing before hand offers strength, comfort and familiarity with these positions.    

  10. Yoga helps you move to your edge and sometimes beyond, finding grace and ease in physical difficulty.  This is a beneficial skill in labor.

  11. Yoga helps connect you to your body, giving you confidence and courage in its abilities and helping you develop a deeper awareness of what’s happening in your body

  12. The focused breath work of yoga can help you find a breathing rhythm that works for you in labor.  Breath is SO key in yoga and in labor!  In yoga, you can also practice moving breath in your body—for example, moving breath down, which can also be vital in labor as you breathe your baby down.

  13. Yoga brings a shift in consciousness out of your thinking mind and into your more embodied, instinctive mind.  This, too, will be a benefit in labor, as it requires that you release thoughts and let your body express its wisdom (a wisdom that knows how to birth your baby!)

  14. Yoga offers practice in releasing stress, tension and fear.  It encourages feelings of peace, safety, and presence.  All of this is good for labor.

  15. Yoga makes the body strong, helping it through labor and helping create optimal conditions for healing after labor, regardless of what labor and birth brings.

***As with all forms of exercise in pregnancy, it is imperative to listen to your body and honor your needs and abilities at this time.

Posted by Health Foundations Birth Center, Nov 2013.


Class Testimonies

I first met Sheryl when a friend referred me to her prenatal yoga class. I enjoyed every minute of the class from the first one I was a part of, and I was hooked. Sheryl creates a relaxing environment and community within her classes where you feel safe and secure enough to share your thoughts and feelings. As a first time mommy, I was very scared of the changes my body was going to experience during labor and delivery and Sheryl help put my mind at ease and helped me to channel my inner strength. Through her prenatal classes I also began to feel a deeper connection with my baby. She taught me relaxation and meditation techniques that I incorporate into my life daily. Sheryl has also become a great friend of mine who I trust and love very much.
— Lindsey Rae Vincent
Sheryl teaches with compassion and love. Each time I attended a class I felt as though she sincerely took into account the needs of every mommy there. I love how she would check in with us all at the beginning of each class giving us time to connect with other mommies, provide updates and also let her know what our needs were. If our back was hurting, we worked on that; if our feet hurt, she made sure we massaged them; additionally, she always took the time to make sure we had techniques that we could go home with. I was thankful to have been a part of her practice during my pregnancy and would encourage other mommies to do the same. I used so much of what she taught throughout my birth and even now I “dance for birth” and find myself doing hip circles to rock my baby in the early morning hours. I can’t say enough about the beauty of Sunshine Family Yoga and all it has brought to my life. Thank you Sheryl! Namaste-
— Marty Spence
Prenatal yoga engaged my whole being. I feel that it helped reduce many anxieties I had about labor. It also assisted in keeping my flexibility throughout the entire pregnancy and I am positive that it added in my easy labor. I also strongly believe that relaxation and breathing techniques radiated to my son, before he was born, making labor easier for him too. Sheryl catered to each of us in the class and I was so happy with the results that I immediately signed up for Baby Itsy Bitsy Yoga once Slade was old enough.
— Tammara
As a first time mom I did all the reading, took the tours, and weighed all pros and cons. I took prenatal yoga and wished I had taken more from earlier in my pregnancy. It did wonders for me! From pain relief to relaxation, It helped in a way only a pregnant, tired, and cranky momma would understand. I still regret not having a doula. I could have used the affirmations and guidance as I went into hard labor. Now that I know what I need next time I will be more prepared. I highly recommend Sunshine Family Yoga! Sheryl has been there for more than just yoga. She is always there to talk but more importantly to listen. We took itsy bitsy baby yoga and still take itsy bitsy toddler yoga. My daughter loves Mrs. Sheryl and we always look forward to reconnecting with her.
— Melissa Smarsh