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Wichita Doula Sheryl Haynes
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As a Doula, I am available for you throughout your prenatal and new baby journey. I work with you and your partner, within a personalized setting.  I honor your unique pregnancy and birthing journey, help you connect to your innate wisdom, and support your partner in nurturing you.  I have been working with childbearing families since 1990, and introduced "Doulas" to Wichita.  First certifying with National Association of Childbirth Assistance and later Doulas of North America and Penny Simpkin.   I have supported families that choose hospital, birth centers, and home birth. I support your birthing intentions with an epidural or natural, and Vaginal Birth After C-Section.  Although I am a mother of four with my own unique birthing experiences, I am totally dedicated to your birthing journey!  

Each Doula is unique in training and background.  I am honored to support those that feel connected to what I offer.  I am a mother of four, grammy of three.  I was a Doula for all three of our grand daughters. I weave years of Doula experience, and specialized trainings, to provide a personalized experience; Prenatal Yoga, Dancing For Birth, Rebozo Novice with Gena Kirby, Spinning Babies, etc. 


  • 1-2 prenatal visits in your home

  • Sitting and sleeping positions to support optimal fetal positioning

  • Prenatal Rebozo massage and comfort techniques

  • Positions for pregnancy care and birthing support. 

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques

  • Movement to increase pregnancy health and baby space

  • Rebozo Care techniques for connection and comfort

  • Birthing Affirmations & Visualizations

  • Essential oils support, if requested

  • Phone visits and access to resources for healthy pregnancy, birthing and postpartum

  • Postnatal Planning Guide

  • Pictures as family wants and  birthing environment allows

  • 1 personalized postnatal home visits to talk about birth, answer questions, share mom and/or baby yoga, etc.

  • Choose your own Rebozo ($55 to $65 value)


Pricing - $750.00

Purchase a package of 10 Prenatal Yoga Classes, and receive $50 off your Sunshine Doula Fee. Participation in Prenatal Yoga provides additional tools to support your pregnancy and birthing.  Since Sheryl is the facilitator, there is more opportunity to personally connect.




She is a Doula... She is not a health care provider.  She is a mother figure of the most ancient kind. Her life experience empowers you.  She is a reassuring presence who will always listen to you and support you in your chosen path.  She will remind you of those choices, and the reason you made them, when you doubt, are anxious, or afraid.  She sees you; the real you.  Her understanding of your journey supports your self-confidence.  She eases pain with touch, a word, a look.



Doula Testimonies

Sheryl made sure to visit with me several times before birth making sure she understood my hopes. I had several days of intermitted labor at home which played with my emotions and she was always calm and empowering and positive on the phone. She took charge in the hospital like I had asked. The rebozo was really helpful support around my hips and super duper helpful hand hold around my husbands shoulders. At one point she suggested I try going to the bathroom as I hadn’t gone since checking in but I was being really whiney and she whispered in my ear that she was getting me away from the pesky nurses and fetal monitor. I really depended on her guidance and trusted she was working for me for the outcome I wanted. She continually affirmed me and was the voice of strength I needed to believe in myself and my body. She also stood up for me saying no to the interventions I didn’t want and stayed with us until we moved to postpartum room. She checked on me several times in the following weeks including a home visit of baby yoga which we discovered some things with baby that were attributing to her having a hard time nursing on just the left side. I am so thankful to have Sheryl as our doula and would recommend her to anyone.
— Michelle Bentley
I first met Sheryl at her yoga practice, Sunshine Family Yoga, when I was pregnant with my son. I loved her calming presence and the knowledge she had about pregnancy and childbirth. I spoke with her after learning she was a doula and ultimately decided to hire her. She met with me and my husband about our birth plan, and kept in close contact with me throughout the remainder of my pregnancy. She gave me advice and information that I didn’t get anywhere else and helped calm some of my fears and anxiety about being a first time mom. She prepared me for childbirth by teaching me breathing techniques and how to use a Rebozo. She stayed with me throughout my labor in the hospital and for a little while afterwards. She also visited me for a follow-up several weeks after my son was born to make sure everything was going alright. I highly recommend Sheryl as a doula for any pregnant woman. You won’t regret it!
— Leslie L.
Sheryl was so wonderful before, during, and after our birth experience. She helped my husband and I learn some comfort techniques with the rebozo which were wonderful for helping with some of my late pregnancy aches. She was wonderful during our birth and helped us stick as close to our birth plan as possible. I’m so glad Sheryl was there for us during such a special time. Can’t wait to do it again!
— Lacey Ireton
Sheryl was such an important part of our home birth story. For 2 days Sheryl was with me as we worked to get our labor started after my waters had ruptured. Her patience and guidance allowed me to remain calm and stress free through out our wait and also into the most difficult times of my labor. She helped me to persevere when I thought I was too tired. As my partner needed breaks, she was able to relieve him, only to later find out that when I thought it was him beside or behind me, it was her. She brought so much beauty, comfort and peace to our labor and I am sincerely thankful for her presence at our birth. Thank you Sheryl, for being part of our birth team and for reminding me that I could do this. We credit you for being our biggest cheerleader and also our voice of reason when we were discouraged. You helped us to bring our sweet baby into this world the way we had hoped and for that we are so very appreciative.
— Marty Spence
Sheryl went above and beyond my expectations! I would choose to have her as my doula again in a heartbeat! She really brought her confidence in her experiences to the birthing atmosphere. Sheryl really kept my anxietys in check and was a wonderful support before during and after baby. I greatly enjoyed pre-natal yoga and connecting with my baby that way- Sheryl is a fantastic guide... if you ask anyone who knows her they would say she has the most relaxing calming voice to enjoy Savasana to! :D Not only did she bring me confidence and support she really brought kyle (dad) peace of mind. After all was said and done and we had sweet baby in our arms he was more than glad we chose to have a doula. Sheryl was also great with my family!  Sheryl answered promptly to any and all of my questions/ needs. Any time anything came up for me that I wasn’t sure about she was more than happy to offer her advice. I respect her intelligence and knowledge when it comes to us women and our intricate bodies/ minds. I can definitely say that i would not have been near as happy with my birthing experience had it not been for this wonderful lady.She really believed in me and made it known. I am blessed to know her and honored to have had her as my doula! Such a delightful, strong, loving presence to have on such a special/ important journey! I would recommend her to any and every one. I only hope one day my little girl is lucky enough to have the type of support Sheryl offers. Thank you Sheryl for all you do ... for so many families
— Kyle F.
Sheryl was an amazing doula!! She supported me with wonderful yoga and relaxation techniques throughout my pregnancy, was available to answer all of my questions, and was great support for my husband as well. 

She was by my side every minute during my birth with a great “bag of tricks” - from dozens of Rebozo techniques, to massage, birthing ball positions, and aromatherapy ... she was INCREDIBLE support and I couldn’t have done it without her!! We would use her again in a heartbeat!
— Katie Miles