Bump to Baby Comfort Techniques

Friday, May 18, 6:30pm-9:00pm


$30 per couple, additional $55 or $65 for your Rebozo.  Cash or Check ONLY please

*Park in front and enter middle door.  Classes are on the 2nd floor, so be prepared to walk stairs.

You and your partner will practice Doula inspired comfort techniques, as you connect with each other and baby. As an extension of heart and hands, partners learn Rebozo Care to support pregnancy changes, promote relaxation, and prepare for birth. We will practice lots of different positions to prepare for birth, and to create space within the pelvis. We will explore the birth ball and other valuable resources. Moms will gain insight of their bodies and breath, to move through pregnancy and birth with innate wisdom.

Dress comfortably for movement. Please bring two pillows, one throw blanket, and a rolling pin (if you have one). Each person should have water to hydrate as needed. Prepare to take off your shoes, and turn off your cell phones.

This class is taught by Sheryl Haynes. Sheryl is a wife, mother and grammy. She has worked with childbearing families since 1990, and is the creator of Sunshine Family Yoga Community Place. Sheryl is a Doula, Certified Pre/Postnatal Yoga Facilitator, Trained Dancing For Birth Instructor, and Rebozo Certified. She brings nurturing connection and laughter into all she offers.

As an extra bonus, you will receive a postpartum plan  Going Beyond the Birth.

As an extra bonus, you will receive a postpartum plan Going Beyond the Birth.


Your Rebozo can be used for babywearing, etc.

More information regarding the Rebozo and Rebozo Care

Loving connections between partners, produce Oxytocin, the 'love hormone'. The production of Oxytocin sends loving energy to baby, and supports birthing. More information


Class Testimonies

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed Sheryl’s “Bump to Baby” class. Sheryl has a way of offering the instruction that really allows you to connect and work together with your partner—that connection was something we really cherished, especially at that time in my pregnancy. The time we spent together in class helped us to reconnect, and we both felt it helped us to bond with baby, too.

There were several techniques Sheryl taught us to perform with the rebozo, all of which I found incredibly beneficial for comfort and relaxation. My husband and I made a point to practice using the rebozo and the techniques for the remainder of the pregnancy, and each time, it helped us both to relax and to reconnect. I didn’t have the opportunity to put all our practice to use in labor, as long story short, my daughter went breech. However, having the techniques in my “toolbelt” greatly reduced my fears about labor and delivery, while helping my husband and I to stay connected.

The class was a very intimate setting that offered a nice opportunity to connect with other new parents. It’s certainly a safe environment where you feel comfortable opening up and sharing about any fears you may be experiencing.

Of all the things we did to prepare to welcome our little girl, Bump to Baby was a favorite— one of the most nurturing and beneficial experiences we had. We’re so grateful to Sheryl and Sunshine Family Yoga for nurturing and enriching our experience as we became a family!
— Hallie Jacobson