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Birth Wisdom by Ginger Young, Midwife

I’m sure you have been busy planning and preparing for the birth of your baby.  You probably have strong opinions about strollers, baby wraps, carseats and diapers. But as much as you have thought about the design and features of these items have you thought about your own design?!

  • Who are you?!

  • What makes you tick?!

  • How have you been wired?!

  • What is your design?!

I want to share with you some Birth Wisdom and hopefully challenge you to look within to have the best pregnancy and birth possible!!!!  What is the design of your mind? Have you mentally prepared for this birth?!  Be informed. whether you desire to have a hospital or home birth, a natural or medicated birth, study all you can about it. Understand all that it entails, know the short and long term effects of that decision.


Did you know??!

  • 32.8% of all births in the United States are c-sections? Nearly 1/3!!

  • an induced labor is 67% more likely to end up a c-section!

  • the baby born c-section is 64% more likely to be admitted to NICU!

  • you are 95% more likely to have a repeat cesarean !

  • statistically lower breastfeeding success!

  • increased risk of bleeding and infection!

  • significantly longer recovery!


Those are all short term effects., but what about long term effects?!  

  • c-section babies have increased odds of being overweight as an adult!

  • *higher risk of type 1 diabetes!

  • *increased risk of asthma!

  • increased risk of ectopic pregnancy!

  • increased risk of placenta previa!

  • increased risk of uterine rupture!

  • increased risk of chronic pelvic pain!

  • increased risk of bowel obstruction!

  • increased risk of scar tissue with need for surgical removal!

  • may have a negative impact on nerves in the pelvic region that can cause a decrease in pleasure sensation.!

I know that is a lot of stats and not all hospital or even induced labors result in a c-section, but it is important to know your risks and make a good decision for you and your baby!! YOU are the one that will have to live with your body for the rest of your life!! So, TAKE CARE OF IT!!!

When you take responsibility for your birth, it is empowering. Years later you can look back and know that you make the best decision for your and your baby given the resources that you had. There is no blaming anyone else, or wishing things had been different.  

Engage your (pregnant) mind and put some thought and research into your desired birth!!!

What is the design of your Spirit?!  Birth takes a lot of spiritual preparation. If this is your first baby, your are transitioning from a life where your main concern is you, to being a Mother!!  If this is not your first, there is still an adjustment. Your love is not divided between your children but multiplied. Pregnancy, birth and motherhood take a lot of energy. Know from where your strength comes.

Take time to recharge and develop the inner you!

  • what relaxes you?!

  • what gives you peace?!

Attend a childbirth preparation class that suits you.. Look into the different options. Be prepared for your labor !!! Know the design of your body!  Aside from the obvious, “can I get a baby out?” there are other thing that you need to know about your body!

  • Do you like touch? what kind of touch?!

  • Do you like water? Is it soothing to you?!

  • Do you exercise? how do you feel when you exercise? tightly wound?  relaxed?!

Pregnancy exercise should focus on endurance, walk, walk, walk! Stretching! Prenatal Yoga!  Especially opening up the pelvis. And strengthening the pelvic floor and legs.  Repetitive isolated movements (eliptical) can actually be counter productive in birth preparation.

How is your diet?!  Did you know that you can reduce your risk of some pregnancy complication and even interventions by making a few changes in what you eat?!

  • eat citrus every day, leaving on as much of the peal as you can!

  • drink plain water. 1/2 your body weight in ounces daily!

  • eliminate sugar and processed food!

  • eat at least 60 grams of lean protein daily!

  • eat a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruit!

  • enjoy plenty of good fats. avocado, coconut oil, grass fed butter!

  • consume probiotic or fermented foods daily!

  • To sum things up…..Pull out your notebook (or your device) and jot down some things about you.  Discover who you are in these 3 areas and make sure that the plan you have for your birth will actually ke you where you want to go!!

HAPPY BIRTHING!!!!! ~~~~Ginger Young, Midwife Young Beginnings!

There are a lot of local people that enjoy a whole food approach to eating and most of them are more than willing to share what they know. Don’t be afraid to ask.

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