Adult Yoga

Sunshine Family Yoga is happy to add special adult yoga offerings to support you in being your best. Yoga sessions and workshops are designed for those without yoga experience and the faithful yogi/yogini (male/female that practice yoga). Sunshine Family Yoga is a small community based yoga studio, nestled within Wichita, Kansas. We also love sharing yoga with expecting moms, and early childhood families from 4 weeks to 10 years.


Back to School Yoga for Teachers (1).png

Did the summer fly by? Is your body already stiff from spending hours seated in professional development? Is information leaking out of your brain? It’s time to pause and take some time for you before the busyness of the school year begins. Come unwine-d with a yoga class just for teachers and school employees! The two-hour workshop will involve 45 minutes of stretch and flow and 45 minutes of restoration to get your mind and body ready to greet your students on the first day of school. This class is led by Whitney Sandoval, who is not only certified to teach yoga, but is also an educator. Stick around after class for some wine, chocolate, and understanding as we prepare to face another school year.