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About Sunshine

Journey to Sunshine Family Yoga

Sheryl’s, gifted Native American name is “Sunshine”.  Her mothering journey began as a single teen mom, in 1980, and at the introduction of Lamaze Childbirth Education.  She attended the childbirth education class alone, but was befriended by her instructor.  During the pregnancy and childbirth, her childbirth educator volunteered and supported her as a “Doula”.  Sheryl delivered her posterior baby girl, without medication.  Even though “Doulas” were not formally known in Wichita, this relationship set forth a pattern of caring. 

In 1989/1990, and expecting her fourth child, Sheryl volunteered as a Mentor at The Gerard House (support home for unwed mothers).  After bringing National Association of Childbirth Assistants Certified Doula Training to Wichita, she began volunteering her time providing labor support for the teens and single women in the home. 

In 1990, as a Certified ( NACA) Doula, Sheryl created a non-profit organization called A Labor of Love, Inc.  Later completing Doula Certification with Doulas of North America.  ALL provided education, support, and connection to community for pregnant teen families and single women choosing parenting or adoption.  The services utilized Doulas and mothering mentors for 12 week group classes and home visits.   After years of support, grant funding ended, and so did A Labor of Love. It was at this time that she decided to no longer Doula and to focus on raising her young family.

Continuing her support of pregnant families, and adding early childhood families, Sheryl provided nutrition classes and support for Women Infant and Children Program (WIC).  After two years with WIC, a special opportunity opened up as a Parent Educator with USD 259 Parents as Teachers (PAT).  Focusing on Native American and teen families, Sheryl facilitated playgroups and events, provided home visits to share about early childhood development and parenting, and provided learning groups for pregnant/parenting teens at Wichita North High.  Her first year as a Parent Educator, she presented at National Parents as Teachers Conference about supporting pregnant teens.  13 years as a Parent Educator brought many years of changes and professional growth. 

In 2006, Sheryl suffered work injuries resulting in closed head trauma, cervical and lumbar pain/issues.  Her therapy included physical, vision and yoga therapy.  Her injuries and issues made work and life difficult.  Feeling that her PAT time was coming to an end, she decided to pursue Itsy Bitsy Yoga Training and Certification with Helen Garabedian.  She began sharing Itsy Bitsy Yoga at a local Park and Recreation Center, and created the Sunshine Family Yoga Facebook page. 

In 2007, Sheryl created Sunshine Family Yoga to connect like-minded families through love, laughter, community, and yoga. Not having a physical building, Sunshine Family Yoga was the business name. Her intention was to bring yoga into the hearts and homes of families, manifesting the spirit of love and peace into the world! Welcoming all families!

Through the years Sheryl increased her trainings and her class offerings.  She shared her unique prenatal and early childhood family yoga classes at Genesis Health Club, YMCA, Innerworks, Urban Oasis Yoga Studio, Wichita Area Girl Scouts and schools. During her time at Urban Oasis Yoga, Sheryl began providing Doula services for the Prenatal Yoga students that asked. Adding to her prenatal support, she trained with Stephanie Larson, Dancing for Birth and pursued Rebozo training with Gena Kirby. This was the beginning of Rebozo support for Wichita area birthing families.  

After the closing of Urban Oasis, Sunshine Family Yoga (Sheryl) was without a space to share her unique yoga.  In February 2015, Sunshine Family Yoga moved into their own space and established Sunshine Family Yoga as a community based yoga studio.  A place where pregnant and early childhood families gather for information, support, strength, and balance.  Sunshine Family Yoga was proud to host the following training/certification opportunities; Dancing for Birth, Let the Partner Do It (Rebozo), Zumbini, and Next Generation Yoga for 2-7 Years, Mindful Yoga Breaks. Throughout this journey, others have supported Sunshine Family Yoga’s intention by facilitating different classes. In 2018, Sheryl discontinued her Sunshine Birth Doula and Rebozo care services to focus on care for her parents and facilitating classes. In 2019, Sheryl invited other yoga instructors to offer specialty adult yoga sessions and workshops.

Sheryl believes so much in what she offers that she volunteers all of her time managing and facilitating classes. Word of mouth is our biggest marketing tool, and helps to keep offerings affordable. Please help spread the word via Facebook and telling your friends/family. Review Sunshine Family Yoga on Facebook, Google and Yelp.


Sheryl (Sunshine) Haynes

May you always feel Mother Earth beneath your feet, and a song or story in your heart" - Sheryl Haynes

  • Founder and President of A Love of Love, Inc

  • Certified Parent Educator, Parents as Teachers 13 yrs

  • Certified Pre/Postnatal Yoga Instructor

  • Certified Baby & Tot Itsy Bitsy Yoga® Facilitator

  • Dancing For Birth™ Instructor

  • Rebozo Care, Doula, Childbirth Educator

  • Spinning Babies® Trained

  • Certified Zumbini® Instructor

  • Certified Next Generation Yoga Instructor, 2-7 Years

  • Mindful Yoga Breaks® Instructor

Certifications & Trainings

  • Doula - National Association of Childbirth Assistants and Doulas of North America

  • Early Childhood Development & Parenting Support - National Parents as Teachers

  • Itsy Bitsy Yoga™ - Helen Garabedian (Spirit Into LIfe, Inc.)

  • Pre/Postnatal - Leslie Lytle of OmMama, llc.

  • Dancing For Birth™ - Stephanie Larson, Dancing For Birth Founder

  • Rebozo Technique Unfolded

  • "Make the Partner Do It" a Rebozo Workshop with Gena Kirby"

  • Rebozo Workshop with Gena Kirby, Sunshine Family Yoga Hosted

  • Rebozo Novice with Gena Kirby

  • Spinning Babies with Tammy Ryan

  • Zumbini® Teacher Training

  • Next Generation Yoga, 2-7 yrs, Teacher Training

  • Mindful Yoga Breaks® Workshop with Lani Rosen-Gallager and Jennifer Byer