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We offer a nurturing community and wisdom sharing for pregnancy, birthing and parenting. Prenatal yoga classes are for all trimesters and on-going. Our fun early childhood yoga classes bring families together with littles from 4 weeks to 7 years, including a postnatal mom and baby class.  Zumbini® is a NEW early childhood music and movement class, with that fun Zumba® inspired rhythm!   Other offerings include: Sunshine Doula & Postnatal Planning, Rebozo Care, Bump to Baby Comfort Techniques class, etc. 

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Our classes are as much about community and wisdom sharing as they are Yoga, Zumbini®, etc.  Prenatal Yoga is on-going.  All other classes are offered in a 4, 5 or 6 Week Session.  All early childhood classes are "developmentally delicious" and shared with a parent/caregiver.  We will be adding kids only classes soon!  Drop-ins are welcome, at an increased rate, when space allows.  Try your first class, and pay after!  This gives you an opportunity to try it out.

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All Yoga Classes are Paid with Cash or Checks Only Please. 

Register and pay for all Zumbini® classes on line.    


For 0-4 Year Old Littles with Parent(s)/Caregivers



All Trimesters and Levels



Postnatal Moms and Pre-Crawling Babies 



4 Week Babies/Parent(s) to Before Active Crawling



Active Crawlers to 24 Months with Parents(s)/Caregiver



2-4 Year Old Littles with Parent(s)/Caregiver



4-7 Year Old Kiddos with Parent(s)/Caregiver






Birth Support


As a Doula, I am available for you throughout your prenatal and new baby journey. I work with you and your partner, within a personalized setting. I will be there for you during your pregnancy and beyond.


In addition to yoga and doula services, I also provide Rebozo care. A Rebozo can be used to connect pregnant partners, help alleviate pregnancy symptoms, prepare and support birthing


You and your partner will practice Doula inspired comfort techniques, as you connect with each other and baby. As an extension of heart and hands, partners learn Rebozo Care to support pregnancy changes, promote relaxation, and prepare for birth.